Volunteer At Secrest Auditorium

Donate your time and be part of great events at Secrest Auditorium. Enjoy working along side our team and event coordinators to make each show, performance and concert a success.

Duties May Include:

  • Ticketing Assistance
  • Seating & Traffic Aid
  • General Questions & Directions
  • Assisting Secrest Staff
  • Enjoying Your Time At Secrest Auditorium

Contact us today to learn more about volunteering at Secrest Auditorium.

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Become A Corporate Sponsor

Help support Secrest Auditorium and increase your brand awareness but becoming a corporate sponsor.

Corporate Sponsor Benefits May Include:

  • Corporate identity displayed at the auditorium
  • Corporate identity in print flyers
  • Corporate identity mentioned when marketing Secrest Auditorium
  • Corporate identity included on print flyers when distributed to event attendees

Contact us today to learn more about becoming a corporate sponsor of Secrest Auditorium.

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